The dangers of oligarchy and its influence on the government 

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An oligarchy is a type of government in which a small group of people has a lot of power and control over the rest of the country. It is known to be a type of government that can have very bad effects on the people who live there. In this piece, we’ll talk about the dangers of oligarchy and how it affects the government in more detail.

Oligarchy: What It Is

Oligarchy is a type of rule in which power is held by a small group of people. This power can be kept with money, family ties, or a strong army.

Some examples of oligarchy from the past

Throughout history, oligarchies have been common, and many countries have struggled to make sure that everyone has the same amount of power. The best examples are the oligarchy in Ancient Greece, Russia under the Tsars, British colonial power in India, and apartheid in South Africa.

What Oligarchy Does to Society

Oligarchy can lead to a number of bad things for society as a whole. The most popular ones are:


Oligarchies tend to make the gap between the rich and the poor even bigger. This is because the elites only think about what is best for themselves. As a result, policies are made that help the rich.


Oligarchies almost always have corruption and few ways for the ruling class to be held responsible for what they do. This can lead to a lot of cheating, people getting away with it, and a lack of openness.

Democracy’s Downfall

When a small group takes charge, democracy loses its strength. The people in a country should be able to work together to decide where it goes.

What makes an oligarchy?

Oligarchy can only grow in situations that have the following qualities.

Concentration of Wealth

An oligarchy is always based on a small group of very wealthy people. Oligarchs are rich people, powerful business people, and leaders.

Getting more power

For the oligarchy to keep its power for a long time, it needs to have tight control over its resources and be able to use harsh methods against dissidents from within.

Citizens are not very interested in politics.

Oligarchy is common in places where people don’t know much about politics and don’t understand how democracy works.

Oligarchy in the Modern World:

Oligarchy is real or thought to be real in a lot of places. The list is too long, though. Here are just a few:


People often say that Vladimir Putin runs his country like an oligarchy. Many of Putin’s close friends are very rich and have a lot of power over the country’s resources.

The US

Oligarchy is a type of government that is often said to be a problem in the United States. The country’s elites are getting more and more wealthy, which has led to criticism of policies that help them.

People have called Turkey’s President Erdogan an oligarch since he consolidated his power and left little room for other people to stand in his way.


Oligarchy is a dangerous type of government because it hurts democracy, leads to corruption, and helps the oligarchs get more and more rich. As voters, it is up to us to ask our government to be open and answer to us. We must also learn about democracy and respect the rules that make it work. Only then can we make sure that anarchy never takes hold in our society.



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