Investigating the use of propaganda by terrorist groups 


Terrorism is a worldwide issue that has gotten a lot of press in the last few decades. As technology and ways of communicating have improved, terrorists have used these tools to spread their lies and message to people around the world who might be interested in joining them. Terrorist groups have used everything from social media to standard news outlets to spread their ideas, recruit new members, and make people afraid.

In this piece, we will look at how terrorist groups use propaganda, how they use it to reach their goals, and the different ways they radicalise people.

How to Make Sense of Terrorism and Propaganda

Before we get into the subject, let’s talk about what terrorism means. Terrorism is when people use violence, threats, and bullying to get their political or ideological goals done. Terrorist groups use violence to make people afraid and make society unstable.

Let’s talk about what advertising is. Propaganda is when false or biassed information is used to change people’s thoughts and actions. It is a very effective way for terrorist groups to spread their ideas and find new followers.

Why terrorist groups do what they do

Terrorist groups have clear goals that they want to reach by doing what they do. These goals can be different for each group, but they tend to be political or religious.

Goals in politics

Terrorist groups that have political goals try to bring down the government or the people in charge. They want to get power by making society unstable and spreading their ideas. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) are both examples of these kinds of groups.

Goals in Religion

Religious terrorist groups want to make people follow their views. They use violence to make people afraid and get them to join their church. Al-Qaida and ISIS are two examples of such groups.

How does propaganda play a part in terrorism?

Terrorist groups depend heavily on propaganda to spread their ideas. It is used to spread fear, bring in new members, and give the group a feeling of identity and belonging. Propaganda can also help a group raise money for its operations.


Terrorist groups spread lies to get more people to join them. They often go after weak people who are looking for a sense of purpose or connection. They make it seem like they can help these people with their problems and give them a sense of purpose.

Trying to Scare

Terrorist groups spread lies to make people afraid. They show how violent they are and use that to get their point across to the rest of the world. These violent acts are also used to back up their cause and get more people to join.


Terrorist groups often raise money with the help of propaganda. They ask their fans all over the world for money in many different ways. They often talk about their cause, what they have done, and how their actions have changed things to make their supporters feel like they need to move quickly.

Taking Charge of the Story

Terrorist groups use lies to control what people say about them and their cause. They use social media and websites to get their word out and to fight back against any bad press they get. They often say that they are the sufferers and that the government is the bad guy.

Strategies for becoming radical

Terrorist organisations use different tactics to radicalise people. These tactics are meant to make people feel like they belong to the group and identify with its ideas.

Appeal to the heart

Terrorist groups try to get people to join by appealing to their emotions. They use stories and pictures that make people feel strong emotions to make people feel like they join and need to act quickly.

Social Isolation

Terrorist groups often go after people who don’t have many friends. They make them feel like they fit and have a place in the group, which makes them feel less alone.

Ideological Indoctrination

Terrorist groups use advertising to teach their ideas to new members. They often act like their views are the only truth and use that to make their followers feel like they are better than everyone else.

Group Integration

Terrorist groups give their members a strong sense of belonging to the group as a whole. They often use symbols and rituals to help everyone in the group feel like they fit and have their own identity.


Terrorist groups use lies to spread fear, get more people to join their group, and reach their goals. Their messaging is meant to make people feel like they belong to the group and give them a sense of who they are. Terrorist groups radicalise people in many different ways, such as by appealing to their emotions, isolating them from society, teaching them their ideas, and getting them to work together as a group. To stop the spread of violence and unrest in society, it is important to know how propaganda is used by terrorists and how to stop it.



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