Analysing the root causes of poverty and homelessness 

poverty and homelessness

Poverty and not having a place to live have been problems for a very long time. Even though states and non-governmental organisations are working hard to solve this problem, it is still a big problem. To solve this situation, it is important to figure out why people are poor and homeless. In this piece, we’ll talk about the main things that cause poverty and homelessness, as well as why it’s hard to stop them.

What are poverty and being without a home?

Poverty is not having enough of the things you need to live well, like food, housing, clothes, and medical care. On the other hand, being homeless means that you don’t have a stable place to live. People who don’t have a home may sleep in parks, bus stops, or on the streets. The United Nations says that the main cause of poverty is having a low wage. Homelessness can happen when someone has a low salary, a high cost of living, and not enough social support.

What makes people poor and homeless in the first place?

Income Inequality

Income imbalance is a major cause of poverty and being without a home. In a lot of countries, the richest people and companies have gotten a bigger part of the national income. This means that many people at the bottom of the pay scale barely have enough money to get by. If you don’t have enough money, it can be hard to get affordable housing, a good education, good health care, and other important things you need to live a decent life.

Not being able to get a good education

Not being able to get a good education is another major cause of poverty and homelessness. Education is important because it gives people the chance to learn skills and gain information that can help them get better jobs and make more money. People are less likely to get out of poverty or get a job that pays well if they don’t have access to good schooling. Lack of education also makes people less productive, which hurts both individual and state economic growth.

Not enough housing that is affordable

Another thing that makes people homeless and poor is that they can’t afford decent housing. In many places, the rent for good housing is too high for people with low incomes to pay. When there isn’t enough cheap housing, people have to live in bad conditions, which makes them more likely to get sick and raises the cost of healthcare. Also, not having a steady place to live often leads to other problems, such as mental and physical health problems, drug abuse, and crime.

Costs of health care

Poverty and homelessness are made worse by not having enough access to good health care. People who live in poverty are less likely to have health insurance or get to services that are cheap. Illness and medical bills can make it harder for low-income families to get out of poverty. This can lead to a cycle of poverty that is harder and harder to break. People who are homeless are more likely to have long-term illnesses and accidents that could lead to an early death. To break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, people need to be able to get good healthcare that is also cheap.

How hard it is to fight against poverty and homelessness

Lack of help from the government

One of the biggest problems with fighting poverty and homelessness is that the government does not help enough. Even though governments have started programmes to deal with these problems, they are often not enough or are not done well. Governments need to give more money to these programmes and let everyone who needs them use them. This includes giving them access to affordable housing, schooling, and health care.

Stigma and unfair treatment

Stigma and abuse against people who are poor or homeless are also big problems when trying to solve these problems. People who are poor or homeless are often unfairly ostracised and treated badly, which can lead to social isolation, mental pain, and even self-harm. People who are poor or homeless often can’t get jobs, health care, or housing because of negative stereotypes. This makes their position even worse.

Problems with the economy and politics

How well poverty and homelessness are dealt with can be hurt by economic and political factors like recessions, inflation, or government policies. When the economy is bad, people can lose their jobs and have their pay cut. This makes it harder for some people to make ends meet. Uncertainty about politics can also hurt social programmes like aid.

Stopping people from being homeless and getting them into homes quickly

Prevention of homelessness and quick rehousing are important parts of fighting homelessness. Rapid re-housing programmes help homeless people find homes quickly and give them the help they need to get used to their new living situation and become more stable. Programmes to stop people from becoming homeless help people who are at risk of becoming homeless.


To solve problems like poverty and homelessness, it’s important to get to the bottom of why they happen. The wage gap, bad schools, bad health care, and lack of affordable housing all make poverty and homelessness worse. To fight poverty and homelessness, governments, non-governmental organisations, and people must work together. We can’t help people who are poor or homeless by making them feel bad about themselves or treating them badly. By doing this, everyone will be able to have a good level of living.


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